About us



Motor City Franks is ready to provide outstanding service and a unique experience. We will cater everything from kid’s birthday parties and weddings to cruises and mega festivals. We can do full meals or just Dogs. We can sell by the Dog or go by the person. We can make it work for you.

We offer an experience that represents the pure service and quality of days gone by. Motor City Franks has replaced the condiment pack and the pump bottle with customized Dogs topped with the highest quality condiments. From the Chicago dog, the Detroit chili cheese, the Michigan dog or any dog of your liking, it will be a culinary experience. If the steamed bun doesn’t sting your hand through the deli paper, it isn’t hot enough. The steam, the polished stainless steel the apron and bow tie all add to the visual experience of when service was king and the customer came first.We stay true to our heritage by providing other Detroit based products such as Faygo and Bettermade.

Started by Robert (George) Georgeff in 2011, after 30 years of engineering for Chrysler, his business plan included having fun and teaching his kids that if you service people and give them what they want you will have success. So M.C.F. will be around for a while. So when you think of the best dog you’ve ever had, you will think Motor City Franks.

Our specialties

Birthday parties, corporate parties, graduation parties, weddings, farmers markets, cruises, art shows, fireworks shows and parties, grand openings, customer appreciations and much more



Woodward Dream Cruise, Rochester Arts and Apples, Royal Oak Clay and Stained Glass, Ferndale D.I.Y.

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